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Senior Assessment

How do you know the time is right for mom or dad to move into an assisted living community? Most every family struggles with this same issue at some time. It can be a very stressful time for all concerned. The most common phrase heard by when it comes to assisted living is “I’m not ready yet.” This can come from family members as well. Many do not want to admit that mom or dad is at that point of needing some assistance.

Below you will find two tools to assist you to objectively assess your loved ones particular situation. The first one is a very short assessment to help you measure how much and in what area(s) your loved one needs help with on a daily basis. As you go through the assessment below, keep in mind the top three reasons for seniors to end up in the hospital/nursing home are:

Many wait until a hospital stay forces the issue, which might have been prevented if they were getting the necessary assistance. As a note, the average assisted living resident needs at least some assistance with 2-3 ADL’s (activities of daily living) per day.

In addition, we are offering another assessment that takes you on a tour of their home and asks some very simple questions. This tool will hopefully provide you a bit more insight as you use your senses during this assessment.


If you have any further questions please print and bring your assessment by Chandler Park Assisted Living. Our experienced management team would love to have a cup of coffee or glass to tea with you and go over your assessments. Let us be your free resource and help you through what can be a very difficult time. Our priority is for you and your loved one to find the proper place to call home and to have the peace of mind everyone deserves.